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jaimeIt is my humble honor to represent Southwest Washington in the “other” Washington. As U.S. Representative for  Washington’s 3rd congressional district, it is my job to take your voice to Congress and solve problems on your behalf. The biggest challenge facing our region is our need for jobs. By empowering job-creating small businesses, and reducing the crushing burden of our national debt, we can address this challenge. I have been working hard to advance these goals.

Together, we can spread the message that job creation and stopping the out-of-control federal spending are key to our region’s success.




Here you can listen to my radio ads:

Carol Shetler – No one fights harder for children than a mom

Jim Long –  A medal for a WWII hero, more than 70 years later

James Brady – Jaime takes on the Social Security Administration to help a retired

Kevin Waters, Backwoods Brewing – Helping a job creator in Stevenson

The Shetlers, TV No one fights harder for children than a mom –