Did She Really Say That? Carolyn Long’s Plan for Oregon Tolling: No Action Required, Let Bureaucrats Handle It


Vancouver, WA – When congressional candidate Carolyn Long was asked about Oregon’s plan to toll I-5 and I-205 at the state line, she said that the tolling advisory committee could be trusted to protect Southwest Washington commuters.

The flaw in Long’s strategy: June 26, The Reflector: Committee votes for tolling on I-5, I-205

During the September 18 CVTV debate between Long and Jaime, Long stated:

“I do think that the policy committee is responsible for stopping it [Oregon’s plan to toll]. The bill that my opponent speaks of would put the decision to toll – it would have to be an agreement between the two governors, and it’s absolutely unnecessary because it makes it more of a partisan issue.  This is something that should be handled by our transportation committees because they’re the professionals, and they’re the ones who I think are better suited to making a non-political decision.” 

To summarize:

  • Long has no plan to take action if elected to stand up to unfair tolls.
  • She believes Jaime’s legislative efforts on tolling are “absolutely unnecessary.”  Instead, she trusts an advisory panel of three Washingtonians and 22 Oregonians to look out for our interests; a panel that already green-lighted Oregon’s max-tolling plan.
  • She doesn’t think it’s appropriate for elected officials to weigh in here, but rather transportation bureaucrats.  Did she notice WSDOT’s bureaucrat assigned to represent Washington was just hired by Oregon? Talk about a passionate conviction to stand up against Oregon’s unfair tolls.

“If Carolyn Long is elected, Southwest Washington commuters might as well send Oregon their credit card numbers now and save the hassle. Long has shown she can’t be trusted to stand up for us when it comes to unfair tolls,” said Jaime for Congress campaign manager Parker Truax. “Whether she’s simply naïve or isn’t forthcoming about her actual stance on Oregon’s ‘congestion pricing’ plans, Carolyn Long would leave Washington commuters’ fate up to bureaucrats and officials who support tolls throughout the I-5 and I-205 corridors. Clark and Cowlitz County residents deserve a representative like Jaime who will fight to make sure they aren’t treated like unwilling piggy banks.”


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