In Safety

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Crime is increasing in our communities and we must support our police and make sure our laws matter. I can’t imagine the demoralization these officers have felt watching left-wing politicians call for “Defunding the police” in the last few years. And with Washington state ranking dead last — 51st out of 50 states plus the District of Columbia in law enforcement personnel per capita in the United States — we need to fix our system big-time. It’s shameful.

I’ve advanced over $7 million in funding for Southwest Washington law enforcement and I’m leading several pieces of pro-law enforcement legislation in Congress to try and turn this around. For example:

-My Re-Fund the Police Act would get states like Washington to reverse their terrible so-called “reform” laws that have handcuffed our police from doing their job. In order to qualify for the incentives offered by my bill, Washington would have to undo these laws and drop the insane proposal introduced in Olympia this year that would lower jail sentences for criminals guilty of drive-by murders.

-My Invest to Protect Act would boost funding that could only be used by small and rural police departments to hire more officers.

-My Pathways to Policing Act invests in programs to help state and local law enforcement agencies that are struggling to maintain adequate staffing levels.

-I’m pushing for another bill, the COPS on the Beat Act, that would allow rural police departments to raise wages in order to compete for good officers to serve their communities.

-I’ve introduced legislation to increase safety in schools by expanding schools’ access to resource officers and the use of silent panic alarms to immediately alert law enforcement.

In addition to supporting our law enforcement, I’ve introduced a bill to stop the harmful and misguided proposal of the Left to use tax dollars to open heroin and opioid injection sites in our communities. They tried this in Canada, but all that resulted were more discarded needles and drug paraphernalia in neighborhoods and increased crime.