Carolyn Long will cost Southwest Washington residents on taxes, health care and tolling

Long has repeatedly called for a single-payer government healthcare takeover (aka “Medicare for All”) which could require doubling all federal income taxes.

  • The Daily News: “Long said she would vote for a so-called “Medicare for All” bill if Democrats win back control of the House, but she said that the chances of such a bill passing Congress would be nil.” (The Daily News 6/19/2018)


  • Long plans to eventually support Medicare for All:
    Question: “With your incremental approach, do you ever see yourself supporting a Medicare for All type healthcare program?”
    Long: “Absolutely. Absolutely.” (Washington State Indivisible Podcast 4/4/2018, 19:32)


  • Long on government run insurance: “Then I think people would get comfortable with a government run insurance. I think one of the great barriers is that people don’t understand it because of its complexity. But they are also fearful of a government plan, which is what happened with the ACA, because they thought government was going to control who they could see. A public option would get us a little bit closer to expanded care. Then at some point we have to start talking about single payer.” (Wahkiakum Eagle 4/5/2018)
    And this single-payer scheme would cost $32 trillion: “A doubling of all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan.” (Mercatus Center 7/30/2018)


Carolyn Long has repeatedly called for the complete repeal of the tax cuts passed last year, including the tax cuts that save Southwest Washington middle income families more than $2,300 per year.


  • On repealing Tax Cuts and Job Act: “I would not have voted for that bill, and if I could repeal that bill, I would.” (Columbian 8/24/2018)
    The average Southwest Washington family is saving $2,385 from these tax cuts. (Ways and Means Committee)


Carolyn Long believes efforts to stop Oregon from tolling I-5 and I-205 are “unnecessary.”

  • Long says legislation to stop tolling is unnecessary: “My understanding is that was unnecessary for that to be actual pieces of legislation, that that wouldn’t have happened to begin with.” (Columbian Editorial Board 7/18/2018)


  • Long inexplicably thinks the tolls were already stopped by an Oregon-led advisory board: “I do think that the policy committee is responsible for stopping it [Oregon’s plan to toll]. The bill that my opponent speaks of would put the decision to toll – it would have to be an agreement between the two governors, and it’s absolutely unnecessary because it makes it more of a partisan issue. This is something that should be handled by our transportation committees because they’re the professionals, and they’re the ones who I think are better suited to making a non-political decision.” (CVTV Debate 9/18/18, 16:45)


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